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Founder and President of Simply Hyacinth - The Boutique for the Connoisseur in Dayton Ohio.

The Bling thing!

We’ve all had the cravings for the Bling thing at least once in our lives!  And if it is Handmade to perfection and looks like the real thing – More power to it baby!  We are not by any means far behind the trends at Simply Hyacinth!  We’ve got the right Bling for every occasion – formal, flirty or casual and guess what? – In every price range!  We cannot put up everything on the web but we would be happy to send you some pictures of our one of a kind Bling’s for your next Bling event!

Until then:

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Home is where the Heart is! Accessorize your home like you mean it!!!

Homeward Bound

I wish I was,

Homeward Bound

Home where my thought’s escaping

Home where my music’s playing

Home where my love lies waiting

Silently for me!

-Lyrics and song by Paul Simon

A song that will live forever!

It brings me to ask you a question – Wouldn’t you like to accessorize your home like you mean it?

We build it with so much love, we care for it, we share it, we raise our children and love abounds in it so then shouldn’t we accessorize it with the same passion?

Dessert for your Body!

Dessert for your Body!

Now, who wouldn’t like Dessert for their Body? Especially, if they dispensed like Whipped Cream?

I met Michelle Mangiacotti early this year and loved her line of Whipped Body Lotions! Before I knew it they were sold out from our Boutique! What I like about her Company is that they are socially responsible, proudly made in the USA by Disabled Citizens and environmentally conscious. Whipped Body lotions and soaps make unique gifts and you feel good about gifting them to your loved ones. These gifts are a thing of beauty and a joy to anyone who receives them.

Oh, and by the way, have you gotten your flu shot yet? If not please do so, and to keep you protected during the flu season why not come in to our Boutique and buy their alcohol free Hand Sanitizer sprays? Better yet, call and order your custom gift baskets or come in and place the orders for the upcoming Holiday season!

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Scarves as a fashion statement

Handmade scarves

Cool nights of the fall season beckon us to cozy up with colorful scarves and statement pieces to dress up the Fall wardrobe! Accessorize a plain Ho Hum outfit with gorgeous scarves! Don’t shy away from making that style statement! One of kind scarves now at Simply Hyacinth – The Boutique for the Connoisseur!  These gorgeous scarves are made of silk and Merino wool and started by a woman owned Company in Arkansas.  She produces these beautiful treasures in Nepal benefiting the community there.  While you are at it come check out the hand knit cowls that started it all in Dayton OH on a cold day in November 2013!

I bought the scarves from Ellen in late April this year.  It was too late to put them out as Spring was almost over and summer was knocking at our door!  Yet another example of a woman who gave up her high powered job and followed her dreams after looking at the Pomegranate moon!  Inspiration comes to so many of us, yet just a handful take the path less travelled!  I hope her story inspires you to take that plunge!

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Andrew Hamilton Crawford Jewelry

What do Beyoncé, Oprah, Paula Abdul and Christian Louboutin have in common? They all dig Andrew Hamilton Crawford Jewelry! Skillfully designed with attention to detail and a timeless charm – handmade to perfection in a socially responsible way his jewelry is sure to please the connoisseur. Come visit us online or in our Boutique at Simply Hyacinth in Dayton Ohio.

It so happened that when I was ordering a new stock of his jewelry, I happened to speak with the man behind the jewels.  Not only did it surprise me that I would speak to the President of the Company (I remember – it was almost the end of the day and he calmly said he was the only one remaining to answer the phone!), but that I would get information on his philosophy that backs his Company.  I asked him why he was designing the jewels in New York and getting them made in Thailand.  His answer was very simple.  He believed in creating a small profitable Company in New York and contributes to the creative community in Thailand as well. While my Company started out as one that supports local jobs and local artists, I am humbled by people who make an impact in different parts of the world not just their own! My journey since the cold day of November 14, 2013 has been educational, eye – opening and amazing. The people I have met along the way are amazing and most often a joy to be around or just talk to; albeit over the phone!

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Fall is for lovers, dreamers and thinkers! Shop local!

It is Fall – and the colors of Fall inspire warmth, subtle recollections of the innocence of Spring and the gay abandon of summer!  The rich colors of the leaves just before they fall and cover the ground for young ones to roll in and the young at heart to join in – leaves us in awe of the splendor that Fall is! Fall is for lovers, dreamers and thinkers!  Akin to the still warm days and cool crispy nights encouraging the leaves to bring out its best colors we encourage you to shop local this year to bring out the best in local merchants and local communities that support local charities.  See you online or at our store in Dayton OH!