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So, you published a book?

B & B Book cover

So, you published a book? And, you thought that’s the end of it. Well I have news for you! I discovered the sleepless nights that culminated in print one fine morning on both paperback and digital was only one percent of the job well done. “Billy Jean The Cloud And Bill The Hawksbill Turtle”  by Hyacinth Paul is a labor of love. It is a product of researching the market to design a toy  for babies. Did you know not many people talk about endangered animals? The more I researched it the more I realized something had to be done. I was – a creature possessed. I created the picture book after many sleepless nights and finally my decision to self publish got the better of me. I must admit, for someone who in their wildest dreams did not think of writing and creating a picture book, I was hooked. The idea was wonderful and while writing it, I found a medium to reach out to my audience – young children and their doting parents and educate them about our fragile Eco system and what must be done to preserve our planet. How can a Cloud and a Turtle save endangered animals? Get a copy and follow along as it will be developed in a series of picture books for the very young.

Writing a book, regardless of how noble your thoughts are is just humbug if it does not see the light of day. As the reality of publishing is setting in slowly but most clearly, I thought of sharing what I am doing about it! I am going to go all the way until the book is noticed.

Want to follow along?

Here’s what I have done so far:

  1. Published my book on March 27, 2018 through Createspace.
  2. Worked on releasing the eBook. Formatting was a headache and it took me a couple weeks to figure that out. It is on amazon as I published it through KDP
  3. The book is available in my store Simply Hyacinth in Dayton OH, online at and on amazon.
  4. I told all my friends and yes I did market it on Facebook!
  5. I created an author website
  6. I am writing a blog
  7. I am registered to go to the Bay area book fair next weekend in Berkeley and I will report back to you.
  8. Ordered physical copies and carry it in my car just in case I find a willing buyer
  9. Donated a copy to two local public libraries
  10. Applied for a grant to make the book available to more libraries.
  11. Applied for an award! I only had a couple of hours before the award was due so I applied.
  12. I am reading constantly on how to market the book! iphones are a blessing! Remember stacks in the library? For the young ones reading this, just google it!
  13. Applied for a free review on publishers weekly
  14. And last but not the least, I am getting a paid review on Kirkus
  15. Requesting friends to ask their libraries to get a copy on their shelf.
  16. Requesting an indie author library visit.

Writing a book is only 1% of the job! Marketing it is so important and probably 80% of the effort to get the book noticed. Almost 19% depends on the quality of your book and the message it wants to convey.

Questions for you:

Comment on your experience on publishing a book – what worked and what didn’t.