It started with wool!

Nov 14, 2013 was the day Simply Hyacinth was conceived and it all started with wool and a simple design.  Of course, a business is not just built on a whim and hence the quest to find the products began.  In a nutshell, we decided to create a website and then have a show at our home.  Two days before the show I wanted to add more than just acrylic wool scarves and cowls to the product line.  My local jewelers and artists provided me with merchandise and the first show was set for Dec 14, 2013 albeit on a cold wintry day!  This was followed up with a six month travel to most places in the USA followed by nine different places in India and then onward to China and Paris.  Upon my return I started a humble kiosk at the Dayton Mall.  Needless to say the kiosk did not hold all the merchandise I procured and it had to have its own space.  What may be considered a bold and foolish move is now an impressive Boutique at 2800 Miamisburg Centerville Rd. in Dayton OH.  It is just opposite First watch and the Bonefish Grille in the Village of the Dayton Mall.  We hope to see you there.  The Boutique has unique products not found in the area.  It carries an impressive collection of formal wear mostly made in the USA and some informal wear as well!  The recent acquisition is luxurious plus size wear which is stylish and fit for the connoisseur!  The store also has modern furniture and original art, mostly made in the USA.

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