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Style Statement!

One in ten workers is employed by the retail industry in America making it the largest industry in the world.  The textile industry declined by 80% in the US, however, the productivity doubled since 1987!  The world has spent over 2600 trillion dollars on fashion including apparel, accessories and footwear.  The amount of money that is spent on Fashion in the world deserves a style statement.  So, what is your style statement?  Is it really only the looks or is it the thought behind the look?  Is the bottom line the all important criterion or is it the philanthropic reach of the Company?  Must we do our due diligence to be part of this amazing world we live in?

Consider this: 80% of humanity lives on less than 2 cups of Starbucks Vanilla Latte.  According to UNICEF 22,000 children die every day of poverty.  The millennium development goals set in 2000 to end poverty show that targets can be achieved if all nations came together.  Sustainable development is key to sustaining the Earth – a place we all call home.  Climate change is real – the science proves it.  So why are the rivers in China running the pantone colors of the season?  Luxury brands continue to lead inflation.  As designers and consumers are we doing enough?  Is just the look our style statement or is it more than just the look?  Donating a pair of Tom’s shoes for every shoe sold – NOW that is a Style Statement!  What’s yours?