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What does your Art collection say about you?

What does your Art collection say about you?

I’m not sure how your art collection began. But, here’s my story:

There was a teenager who could not afford a magazine that had Bruce Lee on its center spread! Well this little teen went on to borrow the magazine and painted the centerspread on a life size poster for the wall in her bedroom. Well, it so happened that the adjoining wall was empty and she decided to paint a companion for Bruce Lee and very soon a life size painting of Betty (of betty and veronica fame) went up! Thus started my art collection!

As I write this Blog today I posed the question “what does your Art collection say about you”?

Lo and behold, I am not the first person to ask this! There were 954,000,000 posts on this subject! I will let you explore it to your hearts content on the trusty GTS (Google that S***)!

Apparently, your art collection can say a lot about your personality!

Surround yourself with Art – whether it is your garden or the insides of your home. Art is very personal and people express themselves with cheap posters in their college dorms to million dollar paintings or photographs!

The featured picture is a painting by Dayton’s own Cecilia Brendel!  Want to own a piece of her Art or commission painting?  Call us and your wish will be our command!

Did you know that a private collector spent 6.5 million on a photograph? Astounding! I felt pretty good about owning some of his prints! Apparently, we saw his potential years ahead of time but just did not invest in the real thing! How I wish I had! Moral of story – If it speaks to you – get it – You never know when the value will be out of reach! LOL!

Want to know more? Read it in the article below!


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