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Information on the Noble Circle Project

The following information on the Noble Circle Project is taken from this website and is meant to propagate information about the Noble Circle Project.  The image contributed is my own.

Disclaimer:  I do not take credit for the words below which are the sole property of the Noble Circle Project.

The Noble Circle Project was founded by eight Dayton, Ohio, women who wanted to explore complementary healing methods during their journey with cancer. These women learned from Anne Burns, who conducted the first Noble Circle retreat in 2002 in California. The eight co- founders brought back to Dayton the best parts of Anne’s retreat and went on to build The Noble Circle Project as it is today

Since 2004, The Noble Circle Project has continued to provide the spring and fall Core Program to 30 new women per year, as well as support over 250 women in the Alumnae Program. Begun as a grassroots organization under the umbrella of the Wellness Connection of Dayton, Ohio (reorganized in 2011 as the Cancer Support Community Western Ohio), The Noble Circle Project is now an independent, volunteer-driven non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status.

The Noble Circle Project was named for Allie Noble, a woman who lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1830. Purportedly, her breast cancer surgery was the first to be documented in medical records. She died from an infection a few months following her surgery, but she was a pioneer – doing things no one else had done for health and wellness. The Noble Circle Project carries on Allie Noble’s courage in embarking on a different path for our healing journey.

The Noble Circle Project is committed to creating an intimate and caring community of women thriving beyond cancer by bringing hope, inspiration, empowerment, and well-being through programs focusing on nutritional education, complementary energy techniques, and peer support.

While always being true to our origins, The Noble Circle Project will be recognized as a strong, growth-oriented, sustainable organization that helps women, who have been given a cancer diagnosis, by providing cutting-edge, quality programming; member participation; and fellowship.

The Noble Circle Project New Sister Program begins with an expense-free Weekend Retreat that is located in a pastoral setting with few distractions from the outside world.


The in-depth retreat weekend is followed by 10 weeks of Thursday evening classes. Each woman tracks her own progress, practices new lifestyle skills, and comes together with others in her small group who face the same issues and questions. Classes are held at One Lincoln Park in Kettering, Ohio.


Throughout the New Sister Program Retreat and 10-Week Classes, women living with a cancer diagnosis learn about:


Pillar 1 – Nutrition Education

Pillar 2 – Complementary Energy Techniques

Pillar 3 – Peer Support


New Sister Program dates for 2016 are: Spring, March 11-13, Thursdays, March 17-May 19 and Fall, September 9-11, Thursdays, September 15-November 17.


Each summer, the Sisterhood is invited to attend a relaxing Summer Retreat, where we continue to develop our understanding of the Three Pillars as we strengthen our bonds of friendship and support.

The Sisterhood also enjoys annual events with family and friends,

The Noble Circle Project welcomes the opportunity to share our enthusiasm about this program. Business, church, or civic organizations may request a presentation to fit your needs by contacting info@noblecircle.org

The Noble Circle Project distributes program brochures two times a year to any office or site that would benefit from providing them to clients, such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, practitioners, or medical facilities. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact us at info@noblecircle.org or download our Core Program Brochure.

The Noble Circle Project brings together women over 18 years old who have been given a cancer diagnosis at any point in their lives.

Hope Springs Retreat Center, current venue for the retreat weekend of the Noble Circle Project’s Core Program

The goal of Outreach is to communicate to the public about The Noble Circle Project’s Mission, Vision, and Core Program.

The AWear Affair is The Noble Circle Project’s Annual Fundraising Event. Our models are all Noble Circle Sisters who are “thriving beyond their cancer diagnosis.”

The Noble Circle Project appreciates the many ways our family, friends, and the community support our members as they travel on their journeys with cancer.

The Noble Circle Project brings together women over 18 years old who have been given a cancer diagnosis at any point in their lives.

Hope Springs Retreat Center, current venue for the retreat weekend of the Noble Circle Project’s Core Program

The goal of Outreach is to communicate to the public about The Noble Circle Project’s Mission, Vision, and Core Program.


Noble Circle Project

The diagnosis of Cancer forever changes the perspective of the patient, their families and friends around them.  It was refreshing to hear Piers Sellers, the noted astronaut who has flown three space shuttle missions, walked 220 miles above the earth and studies Climate change, on Fareed Zacharias’ Global Public Square yesterday.  I was struck by his calm and his urgency to do everything he could to protect our home “Planet Earth” from the effects of Global Warming.  At age 60 the diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer is devastating, it is a certain death sentence and this brave soul takes 10 minutes to judge the situation and comes back to work with the intensity of a sincere and amazing human.  It also frightens me that some of my educated friends still think that Global warming is a myth.

Well, while I love the advent of Spring almost a month early and as I gaze in wonder at the flowering buds waiting to burst into bloom, I shudder to think the ill effects of the change in our atmosphere which is causing changes, albeit too subtle for the layman it is momentous for the scientist engaged in its study.  Need I be concerned that this is going to be an early spring and a possibly harsh summer ahead?  For many years the two degree increase of temperature of the earth was considered catastrophic and recent science indicates that a one degree increase in temperature actually has the same devastating effects as was thought of the two degree increase in temperature.  Waters are rising as glaciers melt at an alarming rate, I sincerely hope that we take the science behind global warming seriously and create public and International policies that can divert the changes.  I know this can be done.  I am thankful for the winning Oscar speech of the best actor Leonardo DiCaprio as he took time to address global warming.  I first noticed him when he so eloquently addressed the United Nations in 2014.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ka6_3TJcCkA

So what’s a cancer diagnosis to do with a fashion blog?  Well, we recently had the pleasure to meet 8 brave women of the Noble Circle Project who modeled our clothes with grace to raise money for other cancer survivors so they could tackle the disease with cutting edge quality support programs for their members.  It offers them a group to laugh with – a group of survivors extraordinaire!  Here are some images of that splendid afternoon.  What I cannot transmit to you is the energy, the enthusiasm, the joy and absolute love of life I saw among the 24 women modelling clothes from three area boutiques.

Enjoy every moment of the life you have, Take care of planet Earth as we cannot play with mother nature.  Make each moment count and let your life matter.

What does your Art collection say about you?

What does your Art collection say about you?

I’m not sure how your art collection began. But, here’s my story:

There was a teenager who could not afford a magazine that had Bruce Lee on its center spread! Well this little teen went on to borrow the magazine and painted the centerspread on a life size poster for the wall in her bedroom. Well, it so happened that the adjoining wall was empty and she decided to paint a companion for Bruce Lee and very soon a life size painting of Betty (of betty and veronica fame) went up! Thus started my art collection!

As I write this Blog today I posed the question “what does your Art collection say about you”?

Lo and behold, I am not the first person to ask this! There were 954,000,000 posts on this subject! I will let you explore it to your hearts content on the trusty GTS (Google that S***)!

Apparently, your art collection can say a lot about your personality!

Surround yourself with Art – whether it is your garden or the insides of your home. Art is very personal and people express themselves with cheap posters in their college dorms to million dollar paintings or photographs!

The featured picture is a painting by Dayton’s own Cecilia Brendel!  Want to own a piece of her Art or commission painting?  Call us and your wish will be our command!

Did you know that a private collector spent 6.5 million on a photograph? Astounding! I felt pretty good about owning some of his prints! Apparently, we saw his potential years ahead of time but just did not invest in the real thing! How I wish I had! Moral of story – If it speaks to you – get it – You never know when the value will be out of reach! LOL!

Want to know more? Read it in the article below!


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Home is where the Heart is! Accessorize your home like you mean it!!!

Homeward Bound

I wish I was,

Homeward Bound

Home where my thought’s escaping

Home where my music’s playing

Home where my love lies waiting

Silently for me!

-Lyrics and song by Paul Simon

A song that will live forever!

It brings me to ask you a question – Wouldn’t you like to accessorize your home like you mean it?

We build it with so much love, we care for it, we share it, we raise our children and love abounds in it so then shouldn’t we accessorize it with the same passion?

Dessert for your Body!

Dessert for your Body!

Now, who wouldn’t like Dessert for their Body? Especially, if they dispensed like Whipped Cream?

I met Michelle Mangiacotti early this year and loved her line of Whipped Body Lotions! Before I knew it they were sold out from our Boutique! What I like about her Company is that they are socially responsible, proudly made in the USA by Disabled Citizens and environmentally conscious. Whipped Body lotions and soaps make unique gifts and you feel good about gifting them to your loved ones. These gifts are a thing of beauty and a joy to anyone who receives them.

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Fall is for lovers, dreamers and thinkers! Shop local!

It is Fall – and the colors of Fall inspire warmth, subtle recollections of the innocence of Spring and the gay abandon of summer!  The rich colors of the leaves just before they fall and cover the ground for young ones to roll in and the young at heart to join in – leaves us in awe of the splendor that Fall is! Fall is for lovers, dreamers and thinkers!  Akin to the still warm days and cool crispy nights encouraging the leaves to bring out its best colors we encourage you to shop local this year to bring out the best in local merchants and local communities that support local charities.  See you online or at our store in Dayton OH!

Andrew Hamilton Crawford Jewelry

What do Beyoncé, Oprah, Paula Abdul and Christian Louboutin have in common? They all dig Andrew Hamilton Crawford Jewelry! Skillfully designed with attention to detail and a timeless charm – handmade to perfection in a socially responsible way his jewelry is sure to please the connoisseur. Come visit us online or in our Boutique at Simply Hyacinth in Dayton Ohio.

It so happened that when I was ordering a new stock of his jewelry, I happened to speak with the man behind the jewels.  Not only did it surprise me that I would speak to the President of the Company (I remember – it was almost the end of the day and he calmly said he was the only one remaining to answer the phone!), but that I would get information on his philosophy that backs his Company.  I asked him why he was designing the jewels in New York and getting them made in Thailand.  His answer was very simple.  He believed in creating a small profitable Company in New York and contributes to the creative community in Thailand as well. While my Company started out as one that supports local jobs and local artists, I am humbled by people who make an impact in different parts of the world not just their own! My journey since the cold day of November 14, 2013 has been educational, eye – opening and amazing. The people I have met along the way are amazing and most often a joy to be around or just talk to; albeit over the phone!

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